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One day you look at yourself in the mirror and realize that you need to lose weight; in fact to be honest, you should drop at least 20 lbs. You can, and we’ll show you how. This site is a forum, for those who need help in sticking to their goal, as well as a repository of wisdom for those who have already done so. On this website, you’re either an apprentice or a mentor. All you need to achieve to be a teacher here is that you’ve already dropped 20 lbs. and that you’re ready to share your insights. The only compensation we can offer at this time is satisfaction from helping fellow humans avoid heart disease, diabetes and stroke.

For people eager to lose weight and are willing to invest time and attention, this site can be godsend. Food is business. Its consumption is generated primarily by profit, not health. Here’s just one example: salt makes everything taste better, but if we eat too much it causes high blood pressure, implicated in stroke, heart attacks and death, for which we are told to take medication. Instead of spending money consuming foods and foodstuffs and paying the price, why shouldn’t we unravel the problem at its source? Let’s eat right, drop the weight, get healthy, and live with more energy and more importantly, longer. Let’s be clear about The tips here could apply to anybody much more overweight. The reason we focused on is that seems to be the sweet spot, what most of us, including this writer, could stand to lose. We can jump on this journey together to live better, longer and healthier. Sign up here, and you’ll get updates every month.

The tips hear for healthy dieting came from the award winning anti-aging documentary “Reverse Aging Now.”